iProvide™ Whole Life

iProvide™ is a simplified issue whole life insurance policy designed to meet consumer’s final expense needs. It is a non-participating permanent life insurance policy with a level, fully guaranteed death benefit or a return-of-premium (ROP) policy with a limited death benefit option.

Face Amount Limits and Bands

Min Face: $2,500*
Max Face: Preferred
Level Death Benefit
Level Death Benefit
ROP Death Benefit
   Ages 45-50: $35,000  Ages 45-80: $25,000  All Ages: $15,000
   Ages 51-70: $50,000  Ages over 80: $15,000  
   Ages 71-80: $35,000    
   Ages over 80: $15,000    
*Min face is subject to $240 min annualized premium.

Issue Ages

Premium Class: Preferred Standard Modified ROP Death Benefit
Min Age: 45 45  45
 Max Age:  89** 89** 80**
**Exceptions: Single Pay: Age 85 max
20 Pay: Age 80 max
Single Pay: Age 80 max
20 Pay: Age 80 max 
 Male, tobacco max age is 75
Age last birthday is based on the date of issue.

Face Amount Limits and Bands

$2,500 minimum (minimum premium for EFT of $20 monthly or $240 annually)


Underwriting classes – Preferred, Standard, Modified
Premium Classes – Tobacco and Nontobacco

Modified Death Benefit

Limited death benefit in the first two policy years equals 110% of the premium paid.


Additional Benefits and Riders

***Automatically included at no additional cost unless the proposed insured/owner opts out.